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Jane Ann Clemens
Jane Clemens, Massage Therapist

Massage Santa Cruz

Jane Ann Clemens, Certified Massage Therapist, NHC, CHt—dedicated to bringing you the highest quality Client Centered massage—Santa Cruz County.

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Enhance your health; it’s a precious gift…
Rejuvenate with Jane Ann Clemens, CMT

Enhance your health, it’s a precious gift. Are you ready to reach your full potential by integrating mind, body and spirit through healthy change and transformation? Did you know that pain is the body’s way of getting our attention? There are many ways to change habits we are not happy with. We can reduce and relieve pain and discomfort so that we may enjoy our life to the fullest.

My clients who receive massage regularly tell me that they feel great and it is an important part of their self–care. Some of my clients have been in chronic pain for years and they say how pleased they are with their results and how much better they feel when they receive recurring bodywork. These clients value their health; they understand how important it is to invest in their wellbeing.

Yes, massage feels good, yet it is so much more! It supports our human need for nurturing, healthy and holistic touch and massage research has clearly shown its value. A few of the benefits include pain reduction, an increase in endorphins, increased range of motion and flexibility, stimulates the immune system, and as we relax, there is a corresponding change in the brain wave patterns to and alpha or theta state. And, brain research has proven that healing happens in the alpha/theta wave states. And, take a moment to ponder that our thoughts connect us to our bodies. I offer Personal Development/Life Coach and Certified Hypnotherapy Sessions; helping everyday people with ordinary everyday problems.

You may also benefit from bodywork and massage including Lymphatic Drainage, Reiki, Huna, Craniosacral and Myofascial Release. Perhaps, you would enjoy a self–care class, too. My work is Client Centered and each session is custom fit just for you. I have over 1500 hours of training in various modalities. Which is right for you?

“I was referred to Jane Clemens for job related repetitive stress syndrome and recovery help from breast cancer surgery and the following treatments of chemo and radiation. Under Jane’s intuitive hands, my progress was considered to be remarkable and I continue to appreciate and benefit from the healing she provides through massage.” – Carolyn G.

“Following a serious auto collision, I had the good fortune of meeting massage therapist Jane Clemens. With each massage session my condition continued to improve to the point of being able to return to the physical activities I enjoyed previous to the collision. I gratefully acclaim Jane Clemens for her techniques in reducing pain and inflammation which helped me to resume an active lifestyle.”
– Susan S.

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Reiki, Craniosacral, Myofascial Release, Clinical, Acupressure, Tidal, Oncology Massage, Hypnotherapy, Hot–Stone Massage; Ben Lomond, Scotts Valley Hilton, Soquel Village, and Santa Cruz County.