Bodywork, art and horticulture are my touchstones of inspiration, and adding family and friends to the mix equals the perfect equation. Upon graduation from Twin Lakes College of the Healing Arts, I began my private massage practice in 2003. Over the years, I have learned much about bodywork from assisting two local chiropractors with their patients as well as my own clients. My work is Client Centered and each session is tailored to your needs.

I offer safe holistic Oncology Massage Therapy; understanding how to adapt and modify protocols for those who are currently in treatment and long term survivors allows for a relaxing session. I provide massage therapy at the Stanford South Bay Cancer Center and am involved in many local out-reaches.I have over 1500 hours of training in various modalities of massage, bodywork, aromatherapy, consulting hypnosis and I am continuing to add . There are so many ways of looking at health and healing- I believe that when we find little ways to enjoy life, laugh, sing and tap into our own creative powers, we create a better world for all.

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