• “One of the things that is particularly distressing in cancer treatments is the presence of neuropathy. While sometimes painful in fingertips it is also distressing in the loss of some control of coordination and balance of muscles that we use for “normal” movements like walking. I have also experienced it in handwriting. As if cancer has not thrown us enough curves. It is very helpful to know that there are non hrmivsl treatments that can ease the pain and annoyance of neuropathy and give us hope of overcoming the side effects of chemotherapy and returning to how we were before the treatments. I have been particularly encouraged by the relief that I have experienced while receiving oncology massage over the course of several chemotherapy treatments since being diagnosed with melanoma two years ago.” John R
  • “Jane Clemens has helped me tremendously this year as I recovered from surgery and went through 5 months of intense chemotherapy. I cannot begin to describe how healing and helpful her massages have been for me. Jane has helped with a wide range of conditions including neuropathy, digestion issues, scar tissue and general restoration and relaxation. I have seen a lot of massage therapists over the years, and I give Jane my highest recommendation.” Nadine
  • “Janie is fantastic. I’ve been seeing her for just over a year now. I have Stage IV Cancer and under her skillful hands and unconditional positive regard, I’ve experienced healing in areas that cancer once plagued. She’s especially skilled in feeling where the body needs to be touched. I’ve also benefitted emotionally through her wonderful energy work. She starts and ends each session with a checkin because she genuinely cares about your experience. Thank you, Jane Ann for your gifts to the cancer community and for helping my body to heal where it can.” LHS
  • “I have been a client of Jane’s for many years now.
    I highly recommend her as she is a true healer.
    I especially love her Reiki practice.
    Jane suggested hypnotherapy, which I had never tried before so I was hesitant. But I have found great benefit from this tool as well.
    I love Jane and her gentle nature.” Burgundi T.
  • “I would like to take just a moment to share my thoughts about Jane and her gift to this world. I met Jane under extenuating circumstances, however, I was able to witness her transform a situation that could have clearly taken her spirit and soul to a dark place and soar to heights in the healing field un-paralled to anyone else I have met throughout my decades of service in the health profession.  Jane is a very powerful and sensitive healer.  She has a God given gift of working with people on a very subtle level with profound results.  Jane possesses many talents and from the creative arts to touch, but I believe her true calling is that which works on a multidimensional level in her energy work.  It is very powerful either remotely or if someone is  blessed enough to be in her presence.  I have experienced this personally through her work in Reiki, massage and hypnotherapy.  I cannot really say which one I loved the most because they were all individually very profound and distinctly different.   I look forward to watching her continued success in the years to come as she enters into her destiny.  Thank you Janie for the love and healing you provide for this broken world of ours.  You are a true asset to us all.” Sincerely,  Leslie Ann Cone (p.s.  might I add that her black lab Jake could also heal your heart by just one look at him!)
  • “I’ve been telling all my friends of the wonders of your lymphatic massage. I think many are in shock and disbelief of what it can do yet I’m sold and so looking forward to another lymphatic massage. I’m indebted to you and grateful the Lord has blessed you with such an awesome gift of healing broken bodies.Feel free to use any of this letter you wish for testimony.Thank you again. May God continue to bless you! Love and blessings.” Susan♥