IMG_6973Aromatherapy is an art and science that is based on organic chemistry and yet delights the nose with a fragrant bouquet. Plants generate and secrete essential oils that protects it from bacteria, virus and fungal pathogens and by mass spectrograph analysis, humans are able to benefit because we are susceptible to many of the same pathogens. Each plant has its own unique chemical make –up; for example, eo (essential oil) of rose has over 400 constituents; it is a wonderful eo for aging skin and has anti-inflammatory properties.  Palmarosa is antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral as well. So, now you know why essential oils support the body in healing. It is important to understand how potent these oils are; 400 pounds of lavender flowers makes 1 pound of essential oil. Do not use neat on the skin and keep away from the eyes. Once a person develops a sensitivity to an eo, they will have it for life; yes, people can be allergic or become allergic due to over use. There are other safety precautions and contraindications for using eos as well.

Aromatherapy is used for:

  • Massage Skin Care- adds moisture and oxygenates the skin. Helps prevent and sooth wrinkles, acne, dry and/or damaged skin, burns and more. Certain eos help soothe the muscles, ease pain and discomfort.
  • Oncology Massage- helps with nausea, malodor, breathlessness, anxiety, wound care, scar tissue, aids sleep and more. Research is happening in many countries by health care professionals (including medical doctors) to learn more about how eos can support the body during chronic illness and disease.
  • Emotional Balance- many eos can aid in balancing the emotions. For instance eo of lavender calms a person when they are upset or brings a person down a bit when they feel wound up. Mandarin is a happy eo, most people smile when they smell it. Frankincense helps deepen and slows the breath which in turn allows a person to relax and become calm and it was one of the most prized costly substances in the ancient world.
  • Respiratory System- eos can help with stuffy sinus problems, catarrah, coughs, and colds.

These is just a short introduction to Aromatherapy! There are many eos available and lots of books and experts who share their knowledge of this craft. I do not treat, diagnosis or prescribe.