Certified Oncology Massage

Certified Oncology Massage is  gentle, safe, therapeutic touch for those who are in current treatment for cancer or a cancer survivor.  This work is very dear to my heart- I have close  family members and  friends who have battled this disease; I am honored to be able to provide massage to those in need.  The many treatments that the patients undergo can create contraindications for massage and it important to fully understand how to work properly.

Oncology Massage not only eases tight fascia and muscle tissue, but many studies have shown that it helps improve quality of life by reducing stress by allowing total relaxation which introduces changes in the brain wave patterns (alpha & theta states). Understanding the effects of various cancer treatments and knowing how-to adjust for pressure, bolstering, medical devices allow my clients to relax as they enjoy their massage/bodywork.

Some of the many benefits of a relaxing massage include reducing pain and muscle soreness, moisturizing he skin, rel easing scar tissue, relieves insomnia and improve sleep, helps improve circulation and lymphatics, reduces anxiety and the parasympathetic nervous system responses. Massage also helps ease the sense of touch deprivation and allows a client to re-establish a positive body image. I am available to discuss any questions or concerns that you might have. All contacts are confidential.