HeartMath© is a wonderful self-care tool that helps people build and sustain resilience. HeartMath© believes that every heart holds wisdom and intelligence that can help guide each of us through adversities. By accessing our heart’s intelligence, creative ways can be found to bring balance and rhythm to these challenges. As a HeartMath© Coach, I will help you learn several in-the-moment techniques that will assist you in maintaining your composure and balances you face day to day challenges in both your personal and professional life. HeartMath© training has been used in fields of high stress for 30 years: first responders, nurses, police officers, the military and more have all benefitted.

HeartMath© is a scientifically based and research program that is popular around the world. By using the simple techniques to trust our heart’s wisdom, we learn how to stop energy drains by recognizing them when they are happening and become able to more fully re-charge our positive energy to remain, calm, alert and relaxed…which leads to a state of coherence between our brain and heart; we can think more clearly and make better decisions! And when we are in a state of coherence, our energy field that surrounds us radiates out to others and helps them achieve coherence too.

When the physical, emotional and mental system are all in alignment, we have better access to our intuition. All of these techniques affect the brain center such as amygdala, hippocampus, prefrontal cortex and thalamus which in turn affects hormonal balance, the autonomic nervous system and vagal pathways. As we become calm and balanced, our breath naturally deepens and slows so we are better oxygenating our whole body. So, although the science is complex, the tools are simple and easy to remember and use.